We have so much to praise and give thanks to God for

Dear Friends

My grandson said to me the other day “Grandad do you realise that there’s only four months left in this year” Wow! What happened to 2017? It seems to have strapped on a scram jet and is now fast disappearing over the horizon at mach 3!  At least that’s how it feels!  Perhaps that’s because it has been a very busy year for me personally and for St Gabriel’s.

One of the joys has been to conduct so many wedding, baptism and thanksgiving services – one or sometimes two a week since the beginning of June!  The weather for some of those occasions was not always what it might have been but the joy of those attending was irrepressible.

What I love about the British people is that no matter what the weather they’re always hopeful of better to come and I so often pray that those I marry or baptise will continue to look forward to their future with each other and with God and to live in constant hope through both the good and the not so good times.   So let me offer both my congratulations and prayers to all those with whom it has been my privilege to come into contact with over the past months whatever the occasion.

In St Gabriel’s we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming many new young families into our congregation. As the church continues to flourish and grow there is a real sense of excitement, family, belonging and growing together. 

The really exciting news is that after having spent much time and effort in looking at the longer-term future of our church and how we can have an even more positive impact in the community; the extension to our community facilities is well under way with the walls rising from the foundations at quite a pace!  There will be two new community meeting rooms, a new toilet block and a much extended kitchen to serve our community café and other groups. Please feel free to visit and see the work for yourselves.

We have so much to praise and give thanks to God for, not least for the promise of future hope!  Can I take this opportunity to invite you to two special services we are holding at St Gabriel’s: firstly to our Battle of Britain Service on the 17th September together with the RAFA and Air Cadets and secondly, to our Harvest Festival Service taking place on the 24th September both services at 10.30 in the morning.
As the new season begins and the end of 2017 approaches may we all find the time in our busy lives to make space for God and the good news of Jesus Christ and the hope he holds out to us for the future.

With every blessing from your friend and Vicar


Revd. Arthur.

Vicar, St Gabriel’s Church